Tarot Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn how to read tarot? Maybe you've purchased a deck or maybe you haven't gotten your first deck yet because you don't know which one to get. Perhaps you've been learning to read tarot via books and how to videos, but now you're ready to take your reading to the next level. No matter where you are along the journey of learning to read tarot cards, I can help you.

I offer one on one training via video chat on Zoom, Messenger, Google Meet, FaceTime or Skype. This way I can work with you starting where you are now, and we can show each other our cards and talk about them as if we were in person.

I've been reading tarot for over 20 years, and professionally for 10 years. I studied Tarot de Marseilles with Camelia Elias, taking her "Read like the Devil" course. I've read with many different RWS-style decks and clones and I've done depth years with the Thoth Tarot and the Tarot de Marseilles, so I'm fluent in reading tarot with a variety of decks and dialects (as I call them since it's all one language) of tarot.

Working one on one gives me the ability to evaluate where you're at and take you where you want to go, answering your questions along the way. Just email me at themagicalhaven@gmail.com to schedule a free evaluation of your current reading level and our ability to work together. Payments accepted via PayPal, Venmo or credit card via PayPal invoice.

Single Lesson: $20

10 Lessons: $180