Intuitive Energy Healing

Are you in pain? Suffering from depression, anxiety or stress? In today's world these are all very common...

Energy Healing offers a solution. I've been an intuitive energy healer since 1983 when I received what I can only call a download right after a friend of mine injured his back and was unable to stand up straight. I was given visual instructions of what to do to help him. Since then I've also been attuned to Ilahinoor, which is Turkish Divine Energy healing, and Reiki as a Master/Teacher. I'm also an aromatherapy practitioner and a sound healing practitioner. All of these combine into a unique healing energy that works beyond any of them individually.

Reiki is proven to lower cortisol levels, thereby reducing stress, and elevate your life force energy, that which makes all living things alive. Ilahinoor heals deeply on an emotional level. By doing this, my intuitive energy healing promotes a deep sense of relaxation but also rejuvenation and allows one's body to have a higher level of natural healing energy. What it feels like is a wonderful glowing radiance that flows around and through you.

Intuitive energy healing treats the whole person including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, creating feelings of peace and well-being while supporting self-healing and personal development. It's a safe, natural and simple method of healing that can be used alongside both holistic and conventional medical therapies and treatments since it doesn't interfere with anything else, and can actually help relieve unpleasant side effects.

Also, for those who can't have any kind of physical manipulation like one receives in massage, energy healing is a great way to receive the same benefits without physical manipulation since I only place my hands just slightly above your body, in your aura. One chiropractor I know calls energy healing "acupuncture without the needles".

Nothing special is necessary on your part other than wearing comfortable clothing and being open to the potential. Sessions are one hour, as distance only in the comfort of your home via Skype, Zoom, FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Google Meet or FaceTime.

Payments accepted via PayPal, Venmo or credit card via PayPal invoice.

Single Session: $75

4 Sessions: $260