Distance Reiki Attunements

Have you wanted to learn Reiki but you don't know of anyone in your area? Are you anxious about attending a class or taking a lesson in person these days because of Covid?

I offer all three levels of Reiki attunement via video chat classes. This is just as effective as us meeting in person, and all of the same information will be covered.

There are three levels of Reiki attunement, each building upon the energy and capabilities of the other. Reiki I opens the channel to the Reiki energy and allows you to practice Reiki on yourself and others, Reiki II allows Reiki energy to be sent over time and space, and Reiki III is the Master/Teacher level where you learn to practice Reiki professionally and to be able to teach and attune others. Not all are called to go beyond the first or second level, and many who never plan to teach still get their Reiki III attunement.

Each level receives a book and a printed certificate, so I will need a physical mailing address. Reiki I and II take 4-5 hours and Reiki III is 6-7 hours (plus a break for lunch) depending on how many questions you have. I can't use Zoom for these because of the time limit on there, but we can use Skype, FaceTime, Google Meet or FB Messenger.

Payments accepted via PayPal, Venmo or credit card via PayPal invoice.

Reiki I: $100

Reiki II: $200

Reiki III: $300