About Diane

Hi, my name is Diane Jarecki, I'm a wife and mother with two grown sons and two grown stepsons and the loving owner of 2 dogs and 7 chickens. I'm also now a grandma! I've recently been able to move back here to my home state of NH, to the wonderful small town of Effingham, where I've started homesteading and plan on starting a new venture into permaculture gardening using the woods on our land as the canopy layer for a food forest as well as learning how to do forest farming. I'll be putting in an herb garden to grow my own organic herbs to use for creating tinctures, teas and salves as well.

I'm a Tarot, Lenormand, Playing Card and Oracle Card Reader; a Natural Witch and an Metaphysical Life Coach. I've been exploring metaphysics since my teens, and I started reading tarot and oracle cards in 2001, Lenormand in 2013 and Playing Cards in 2022. I'm a Fortune Teller, a Cartomancer, one who uses the cards to predict the future as well as offer guidance as to how you can change the direction your current path and energy is leading towards, and a Metaphysical Life Coach who can give you the tools to make those changes and start creating the magical life that you desire.

I've also spent the last 16 years studying natural wellness, alternative healing modalities, the Law of Attraction, Sound Therapy and Aromatherapy, all of which I use in my life and practice. I'm love living here in rural NH, tapping into and working with the cycles of Nature and all of the amazing flora and fauna surrounding me here.

I've been through a lot so I truly offer a judgement-free safe haven for your healing and empowerment in order to help you to create your magical life. 

You can find me on FaceBook, Ko-fi and YouTube. 

Supportive ~ Empowering ~ Caring

"What you're seeking is seeking you." ~Rumi